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With Book Lady Katie 

Why Should Your Kids Read Usborne Books

Usborne Books Are Interactive

Beautiful illustrations and interactive features allow readers to participate and engage in the reading process and promote life-long book lovers.

Usborne Books Are Unique

Books open new worlds and allow kids to experience thing they might not otherwise.  Our books do this in many unique ways; using flaps, textures, slides, and more. 

Usborne Has Variety

Usborne Books & More Specifically offers books that can not be found in stores.  We have unique concepts and features that are not found elsewhere.

The Williams Family

Hello!  We are so glad you have joined us here on our page.  We a family who loves to have fun, values our family time together but also enjoy being with friends and serving those in need and people in our community.

We love games, books, the outdoors, and traveling.  We are conservative Catholic Christians and feel blessed beyond measure to be living the life we have been given.


Junior Associate Reader Favorite Book Peek Inside "Sleeping Beauty"

MIchael & Katie WIlliams

Chief Executive Readers Katie - Nicholas Sparks Books (Guilty as Charged!) Michael - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Junior Associate Reader Favorite Book "I Say Ooh, You Say Ahh"