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Inside Day

To Wet? To Hot? To Cold?
Make it a great day inside!

A rainy day, cold day, or really hot day as a parent can often be frustrating especially after many days in a row. You may have had big plans for the day or maybe your kids are just driving you bonkers because they can no longer handle being inside. Here are some great ideas to get your kiddos moving and doing something out of the ordinary! We hope they help both kids and parents.


Hello world!

Hello Blog World!

You may ask … why is she starting a blog? Well the answer is simple yet the blogging seems a bit complicated, so bear with me.


I wanted to start blogging because I frequently have moms commenting on activities, asking for ideas, and we also always get a look of “wow” whenever we talk about our date nights that we take on a weekly basis.  So I wanted to start a blog to be a resource to moms who want ideas, parents who need support and motivation, and couples that aspire to take more time or fun for their relationship.


I hope this blog can be a resource for many!  Writing is not my strong suit – but creativity, learning, and play are, so some of my writing may be raw, but know that I am doing it because I desire to share. I truly believe raising kids and being a parent really does TAKE A VILLAGE!

My plan and HOPE is to blog at least once a week about activities we have been doing and to create lists of ideas for families, spouses, and parents – so keep an eye out for what is to come each week! I am glad you are here.